Session: 2009-2014

Rehan Rasheed

Rehan Rasheed S/O Rasheed Ahmed
Session-Roll: 2014-022
Date of Birth: 18 October 1991
Profession: Education
Location: Gujrat, Pakistan

Vice-Principal Jamia Islamia Quran Complex and Laurel Home School

Current Services

Vice-Principal Jamia Islamia Quran Complex and Laurel Home School.

Literary Works

  • Imam Abu-Mansoor Maturidee ki Aqa'id main Khidmaat. (Research work of BS)

  • Rationalistic approach of the Holy Quran (M.Phil Research work)

Study Field

  • Islamic Studies
  • Tafseer
  • Law


Speech, Badminton, Table tennis


Got 1st position in BS (semester 6)


We should introduce our self by hardworking attitude. Our life mission is Mustafavi Inqilab. We should spend our life for this great object. God bless us.

Education Details

Year Degree Insitution
2016 LL.B University of Punjab
2015 M.Phil Minhaj University Lahore
2014 Ash-Shahadatul-Aalamiyyah fil Uloom Al-Arabiyya wal-Islamiyyah Jamia Islamia Minahaj-ul Quran
2013 BS (Hons) Islamic Studies Minhaj University Lahore
2011 Irfan ul Quran (Course) Nizamat-e-Tarbiat, Minhaj-ul-Quran International
2009 FSc BISE Lahore
2007 Matriculation (Sceince) BISE Lahore