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Minhajians struggle and efforts comprise:

  1. Achieving the purposes of the establishment of The Minhaj University.
  2. To provide the solution of all humanitarian problems to the whole world under the supreme command of the Prophet Muhammad (saw).
  3. Playing the role of vanguard to attain the great aim of revival, and practical & political implementation of Islam peacefully to eliminate the moral and spiritual vices from the society.
  4. Restoration of religious ideology and values on scientific and socio-economic bases to apply them as an active system of life in the modern society.
  5. Organizing the efforts of the minhajians in different walks of life at one place.
  6. Preparing the second-line leadership of the Minhaj-ul-Quran International Movement.
  7. Guarding against the problems of all the alumni so that they can serve the nation and Tehreek with full concentration and devotion.

Minhajians are engaged round the clock to achieve these targets. Allah has conferred His special grace and bounty on them. Consequently they are getting popularity in the masses with every passing day.

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