Session: 1992-1999

Sabir Hussain

Sabir Hussain S/O Rahmat Ali
Session-Roll: 1999-025
Date of Birth: 15 February 1975
Location: Lahore, Pakistan

Current Services

Nazim TMQ NIshter Town(c) Lahore

Prev. Services

  • I was the candidate of PAT in elections 2002 from PP159, Lahore
  • Assistant of Office of Mufti, Idara Minhaj-ul-Quran, Lahore
  • President of Awami Group UC150, Lahore

Literary Works

Thesis on Nikah & Tallaq for master degree

Study Field

Islamic Concept of Family System (Nikah, Tallaq, etc.)



Education Details

Year Degree Insitution
1999 Dars i Nazami & Dora i Hadith COSMOS, The Minhaj University
1999 M.A(Islamic Studies & Arabic) COSMOS, The Minhaj University
1997 B.A University of the Punjab
1995 F.A BISE Lahore
1992 Matric Govt. High School, Pasdoki